This page is about the Cylclades Greek Island of Mykonos, or Myconos, or if you weren't sure how to spell it and who is these days; Mikonos or even Meekonos. It loads slowly because it has lots of Mykonian information including Mykonos Town maps, Mykonos Island maps and informative details about Mykonos' beaches, Mykonos' restaurants, Mykonos' Bars and Mykonos' Hotels. Oh, and there are pictures of Mykonos too and even Mykonian Bus routes and Greek language tips so if you get lost, which is gauranteed to happen, you can find your way. So while it may not win the absurd race to load the most quickly it will actually teach you something about, you guessed it: Mykonos.

Slow down a bit, take a breath or two and try to think about the relaxing vacation you deserve and the frenetic, disappointing vacation you want to avoid. Browse the information below, a lot of which you really should be aware of, and your patience will be rewarded with detailed Mykonos graphics and information so you may make informed decisions.

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